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Tidy Space.
Happy Mind.

Home of the 3-Point Process where your world will be organized from your mind to your space!

Let's Meet

I'm Mychala, An Expert in Organizing

I have lived in small spaces and larger homes. Throughout the years and with the growth of my own family, I have learned that organization in the key to success in any household no matter how big or small. With currently living in about 300 square feet with two children, I have organized this into a functional small living space.

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, please contact me for FREE:

  1. Can I always find what I need for at least 3 daily tasks?

  2. Can I get my children to cleanup their spaces where they can find what they are looking for without making a huge mess in the process?

  3. Does my work area give me stress or anxiety when I enter?

I am more than happy to collaborate with you in the design and implementation of your own personal organization system. I provide consultations and designs at no additional cost and will work with you and your family to make sure you are getting a system that will work for your specific needs. As a mother, I will also gain insight from your children to gain a better idea of what they would like. Together we will create a better world for you and your family!