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Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Congratulations on trying to start your new organized home! The question I usually get is "Where do I start?" The best place is start is not the space that gives you the least amount of anxiety. Usually NOT the kitchen. Start in a room that receives the least amount of stock but the most amount of traffic: a Bathroom. If you start in a bathroom, you are less likely to become overwhelmed.

Take everything out of the drawers, cabinets and the tub/shower. Start with an empty canvas. Get a shower caddy. I like one that can be in a corner. I find mine at Walmart. (No, I am not paid for this.) It usually has 4 shelves and uses a tension bar so there is no drilling and not holes. Put the most used items at eye level. My shower "stuff" goes on the second from the top. My husband's stuff goes on the very top. And because I have to share a bathroom with my two children, my 10-year old's stuff is on the second from the bottom and my 3-year old's stuff goes on the very bottom.

Next, start on your countertop. DO NOT PUT TOO MUCH ON TOP. If you have to share like I do, make sure your stuff stay's away from the kids. My makeup has two places. The stuff I use the most goes on top of the countertop and the stuff that I use less goes in a locked portable case under the counter. My sons' toothbrushes and toothpaste go on the opposite side of the sink on a riser so my sons can distinguish the difference from their own stuff.

Now I know the difference between a 3-year-old and 10-year old's toothbrushes should be obvious. Not when my 10-year-old is Autistic with ADHD. He can see two different things and see the same thing. It is no fault of his own. So, seeing two different toothbrushes on two different levels makes it easier for him to see the difference. I got my makeup organizer on Amazon (again, I do not get paid for this. Maybe, I should take a look into that.)

Third, you can start on where the most important thing in a bathroom should go: Toilet Paper. I have seen this done differently the most in each home I have ever been in. Personally, I have to make sure that it works for my family and so do you. I use a single bar that holds 4 rolls next to the holder. I have seen a cabinet over the toilet that holds more. The only problem is the very fun saying, "Out of sight; Out of mind." This is very true, especially, when it comes to an in the moment need for TP when you're sitting down on the toilet.

Fourth on the list is the drawers and cabinets. If you have larger drawers, I recommend drawer spacers or caddies. Use your best judgement, my favorites are below. The spacers are similar to the tension shower organizer. Make sure you adjust while the spacer is in the drawer, so you get the best seal possible. The caddies are easy to adjust to what you need. The best part is that these two things can be used in tandem. If you have a large drawer and use one or two of the spacers, you can still use the caddies one side to maximize space. Which is the whole point of this project.

The very last place to work is in the cabinets. Now, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE sit down for this. It could be a minute before you finish. This is the very last part and all you need to do is take a deep breath and work it around until it works. Now, I keep my towels on a towel bar above the toilet. I keep my cleaning supplies for the bathroom in a bucket under the sink. The cabinets are where I keep the items that I only use once a week to monthly. If I had less counterspace than what I do, I would use a pull-out drawer system where I can use as many as I need to hold everything I need. This drawer is stackable and already has a spacer in it. I found it on amazon.

Congratulations! I hope that you can now find Peace in your newly organized bathroom. If you have any questions or concerns, I am here for you! Now that you are finished with your bathroom, I think you are ready for your next room: the Living room. So, get ready. Breathe. And follow for more.

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